Bookclub Facilitators

JULIE KORDIC has been facilitating Riverbend Readers eight bookclubs for many years. She hails from Scotland and after teaching stints in Japan and the Australian outback, we are very glad that she landed in our backyard and has dedicated her literary bent towards our readers at Riverbend. Julie is also a talented photographer.


BRITT OWENS facilitates Knits and Novels bookclubs for Riverbend. She hails originally from Denmark and wears many mantles. These include a classical education, specialising in the arts and philosophy; she is multilingual and an accomplished textile artist. 


PAULINE MCLEOD  facilitates the Teacher Librarian bookclubs . She is Riverbend’s Children's and Young Adult Specialist. In 2015 she was awarded the ABA Elizabeth Riley Fellowship for Children's Bookselling. A Teacher-Librarian and former English and History teacher Pauline worked for over a decade as a coordinator of The University of Queensland Library's outreach program UQL Cyberschool. She has a Master of Arts in Children's Literature and has a special interest in Young Adult fiction.


JANE SULLIVAN facilitates the Whipper Snappers and Bright Young Things bookclubs. She is a self-confessed bibliophile who has taught English in secondary schools since 2003. She plans to return to teaching when her three young sons are a little older. In her spare time, she has worked at the University of Queensland teaching Academic English as part of a Tertiary Preparation Program.