Book of the Month Subscriptions

Riverbend's best gift option: one new book each month. SIGN UP IN TWO EASY STEPS!


How it Works

What could be better than receiving a book each month, carefully chosen just for you or your gift recipient.

We want to provide a tailored reading experience to all our customers, far and wide. Thus, our Personalised Picks scheme was born. You select an option above, fill out the form, and let us do the rest.

Within the form you will find required information such as sender and receiver names and addresses, as well as the kind of subscription you are after — adult, young adult, or kids. The form will ask whether the recipient enjoys fiction or non fiction, and then more detailed questions will cover which genres they prefer and what they have recently read and loved.

If you choose our monthly payment option, call the shop with your card details so that we can pop them in our secure EWAY server.


My son was lucky enough to be gifted a Riverbend Books “book of the month” subscription from family when he was born. We live rural and away from family so have loved this idea! Each month we eagerly wait to see which book will come in the mail. Each book has been beautifully wrapped and is so much fun for him (and I) to open.
Fabulous idea!
Thank you so much Riverbend Books!

Dad is over the moon with the books he’s been receiving. Profound thanks. You seem to understand his reading tastes so well. Thankyou. It has been the most marvellous gift and we will do it again next year.” — Susan Hamilton


When is the book of the month sent?

We send the book as close to the first day of every month. If you have chosen to be charged by month, that is when the payment will be taken out.

Will the recipient know who the book is from, and how will they know they’re subscribed?

With the first book we will include a ‘congratulations!’ card. It will tell them how many months they’re signed up for, and who the gift is from — you can ask for a personalised message to be sent via the card.

What happens at the end of the subscription?

We will send you an email to let you know when your last package is being sent. We will ask for your feedback, and give you the option to resubscribe.


Call the shop on (07) 3899 8555 or email Chloe: