Riverbend's In-Store Book Fair Program

What is a Riverbend In-Store Book fair?

It’s a fun and easy way to get kids excited about reading while raising funds for your school.  It’s a great opportunity to bring students, their families, teachers and staff together socially while celebrating books and reading.

On a designated day or weekend, the school community is invited to Riverbend Books.  All book purchases during this period will be tallied and 15% of those sales are credited back to your school in the form of a book voucher.

Who is eligible?

Any school, early childhood or child care centre.

Eligible Items

All book items for sale in the bookstore are eligible. Merchandise must be in stock and purchased on the same day as the event in order to be included in the fundraiser’s sales totals.

Riverbend books

193 Oxford St, Bulimba QLD 4171
Phone: 07 3399 6788
Fax: 07 3395 7777



  • It is an easy, fun way to promote the importance of literacy while raising funds for the school library.

  • The school community will be encouraged to visit Riverbend to purchase books. The school will receive 15% of all purchases to spend on books for the library.

  • Having this event at our bookstore allows students and their families to choose from our full range of books.

  • Our bookstore staff are available to you to share their knowledge and friendly customer service.

  • There’s free parking, gift-wrapping and lucky door prizes will be donated by Riverbend.

Holding a Riverbend Book Fair is a wonderful way to spread the love of reading throughout your school community.  We believe that finding the right book can make a crucial difference in a child’s enjoyment of reading and exposing children to a wide range of thoughtfully-selected books makes this all the more likely.


In consultation with Riverbend you choose a date for the In-Store Book Fair that suits your school. Bookings need to be made at least 4 weeks before the fair is held.

Advertise the fair through newsletters and social media. 

Please fill out the In-Store Book Fair expression of interest form below. A Riverbend Books staff member will be in touch shortly and will send you some social media materials to help advertise your fair.


  • The success of your Book Fair depends on people knowing it’s on, so it is vitally important to advertise the Book Fair well. Mentioning it in the school newsletter as early as possible with frequent reminders, at assembly, during library visits and in class all help to remind students that it is getting close and how it works.

  • Include grandparents.

  • Run the Book Fair alongside special events, for e.g., Book Week, Grandparent's Day, author events or Book Week.

  • Often parents and grandparents like to donate a book to the library, so you could have ‘donated by’ bookplates ready incorporating the school logo.

  • Make sure to send reminders home just before Book Fair starts! If you have any enquiries about running a Riverbend In-Store Book Fair then please call Riverbend on 3899 8555 or email schools@riverbendbooks.com.au


Fundraising percentage does not apply to non-book items.
Fundraising applies strictly to weekend dates specified.
Customers must identify themselves as part of the school community as they purchase books so that the school receives the benefits.
Book vouchers cannot be used to order books and must be spent within 3 months.