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Come along to Riverbend on Wednesday 20th September at 10.30am and let the citizens of Moopertown brighten up your school holidays!

Author Fiona Harris and Illustrator Scott Edgar will be here to lead you in a morning of Super Mooper fun, including story-time, crafts and more!

Musical Markus loves to sing but not everyone agrees!
Nervous Nellie finds that a lot of things in Moopertown makes her nervous! 
Dramatic Dom finds everything dramatic – good and bad! 
Giggling Gertie giggles at everything, but not everything is funny!

This is a free event, but places are limited - please book quickly to reserve your spot! 


About the Books...
Sally Rippin Presents would like to introduce you to Super Moopers. Written by writer/producer/actor Fiona Harris with art by Scott Edgar (Tripod), the series launches with four books that each introduce the first four characters from Moopertown: Musical Markus, Nervous Nellie, Dramatic Dom and Giggling Gertie. Once introduced, we gain an insight into the Mooper’s unique trait, which at first is viewed as a hindrance but eventually transforms them to superhero status, hence Super Mooper. The series highlights that our differences are what make us unique and reiterates that we are all capable of being superheroes when we see the best in ourselves. The Super Moopers books are a bridge between an illustrative picture book and junior fiction, using the language of an early reader, but are humorous, character-driven stories children will engage with and cherish. Inspired by the well-loved classic series of Mr Men, Dr Seuss and the Smurfs, Super Moopers is funny, positive and affirming for people of all ages.


About the Authors....
Fiona Harris is one of Australia’s top female performers and writers, having written and performed on television shows, Skithouse, Comedy Inc, Prank Patrol and The Beautiful Lie. She is the author of two books in the Forever Clover series, and has written numerous shows for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival over the past fifteen years. Fiona is based in Melbourne.

Scott Edgar studied Graphic Design and Theatre production before embarking on a career as a composer, writer, comedian and actor, primarily in the comedy band Tripod. Tripod have been regulars on the international live comedy circuit, radio and television, and have written musicals for the screen and stage. This is Scott’s first book series. Scott lives in Melbourne.

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