Meet the Author: Chris Womersley


Meet the Author: Chris Womersley


A Woman's heart contains all things. Her heart is tender and loving, but it has other elements. It contains fire and intrigue and mighty storms. Shipwrecks and all that has ever happened in the world. Murder, if need be....

Join us at 6.30pm on Monday 11th September as Chris Womersley speaks about his new novel, City of Crows.

Chris Womersley's astonishing novel set in seventeenth-century France is the story of a woman's crusade to rescue her son. It is also a wicked tale of hanged men's teeth, arcane magicks and the meaning of true faith, even in the midst of despair.

'One of the unrepentently daring and original talents in the landscape of Australian fiction.' Sydney Morning Herald.


About the Book...

1673. Desperate to save herself and her only surviving child Nicolas from an outbreak of plague, Charlotte Picot flees her tiny village in the French countryside. But when Nicolas is abducted by a troop of slavers, Charlotte resorts to witchcraft and summons assistance in the shape of a malevolent man. She and her companion travel to Paris where they become further entwined in the underground of sorcerers and poisoners — and where each is forced to reassess their ideas of good and evil. Before Charlotte is finished she will wander hell’s halls, trade with a witch and accept a demon’s fealty. Meanwhile, a notorious criminal is unexpectedly released from the prison galleys where he has served a brutal sentence for sacrilege...

Based on real characters and historical incident, this astonishing novel is a haunting tale of love and witchcraft — about the lengths to which a mother will go to rescue her child, and the lengths to which a damned man will go to save his soul.


About the Author...

Chris Womersley is the author of several novels, Cairo, Bereft and The Low Road, as well as numerous short stories and occasional reviews and essays. The Low Road won the Ned Kelly Award. Bereft won the Indie Award for Best Fiction, the ABIA Award for Fiction and was shortlisted for the Miles Franklin Award, The Gold Dagger Award for International Crime Fiction, The Age Book of The Year and the ALS Gold Medal for literature. His short fiction has been published in many literary journals such as Granta, Meanjin and Griffith Review and have won or been shortlisted for numerous prizes, including the International BBC Short Story Prize and The Josephine Ulrick Literature Prize. In addition Chris has written occasional book reviews for publications such as The Age, The Australian and The Monthly.


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