Meet Kevin Rudd


Meet Kevin Rudd


Join us at 6.30pm on Wednesday 25th October at Bulimba State School's Michael Zeuschner Hall as Kevin Rudd talks to David Fagan about his new book, Not For The Faint-hearted.

Kevin Rudd returns to Bulimba to tell us about the first of a two-volume autobiography which chronicles his life from childhood to the point of his election as the 26th Prime Minister of Australia. One of our most polarising and compelling figures, this is your chance to hear directly from the man himself.

About the Book...

In 2007, Kevin Rudd swept to power with a 23-seat victory, bringing Labor in from eleven years in opposition, and unseated John Howard, the longest-serving prime minister since Menzies.

Rudd chronicles a childhood shaped by the love of his mother and tragically disrupted by the death of his father. He tells of his years as a budding Chinese scholar, his marriage to the remarkable Thérèse Rein, and his various successes and misadventures as a career diplomat. In Canberra, he takes on the absurdities of the Labor factions, the arrogance of John Howard, the mania of Mark Latham, while chronicling the daily high drama and low farce of life in the capital.

Written with passion, conviction, wit and insight, Rudd's story chronicles the unlikely and spectacular rise of the boy from Nambour and prepares the ground for the coming of one of the most tumultuous periods in Australian political history.


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