Lee Holmes - Supercharge Your Gut!


Lee Holmes - Supercharge Your Gut!


Riverbend Books are thrilled to welcome back Super-Charged Foodie Lee Holmes! Lee is a favourite at Riverbend, not only for her down to earth, practical advice on how to improve your health, but also for her warmth and positivity. Many of you have enjoyed meeting Lee on her previous visits to Riverbend, and now she returns with her new book to kick us all into shape for the new year - 
Supercharge your Gut!

Come down to Riverbend on Wednesday 7th February at 6.30pm as we welcome Lee back to the Riverbend deck to chat to Julie Kordic about this follow up to Lee's best-selling book, Heal Your Gut.

Eat your way to better gut health, increased energy and happier moods!

About the Book....
Supercharge Your Gut provides an in-depth survey of our most influential body part, based around a two-day-a-week gut maintenance plan and over 100 gut-loving recipes. The research is in and the facts are undeniable: the gut has an immense influence over our health - directly impacting immunity, weight, sleep, mood and overall wellbeing. Yet many of us race through life ignoring this incredible ecosystem, until something wakes us up. The good news is that healing and maintaining a healthy gut is not difficult or time consuming. This simple two-day maintenance plan is supported by deliciously nourishing recipes, handy tips and information to enable you to enjoy the countless benefits of a happy, healthy gut, for life.

About the Author...
Lee Holmes holds an Advanced Certificate in Nutrition and is a certified holistic health coach (IIN), yoga teacher, wholefoods chef and author of the bestselling titles Eat Your Way to Good Health, Eat Yourself Beautiful and Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian and Heal Your Gut. In 2006, Lee was diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disease. Afer incorporating a wholefoods diet and successfully recovering, she created her award-winning blog, Supercharged Food . With both and Australian and English-Indian background, Lee promotes a whole approach to health, combining both eastern and western medical practice. Lee writes on the subject of health and wellbeing for leading newspapers and journals in Australia as well as internationally and is a regular contributor for Wellbeing Magazine, The Huffington Post, Lifestyle Food on Yahoo.com.au.

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