Book of the Month Subscriptions

Riverbend's best gift option: one new book each month 

The gift that keeps on giving. Whether you'd like to send a book per month as a treat to yourself, or whether you'd like to treat a friend, colleague, or loved one, we've got you covered. Riverbend's Book of the Month can be paid monthly or up front. Let us know in the forms below.

The Riverbend Book of the month is generally chosen from the best of new release fiction, chosen carefully by Riverbend Staff.

Personalised Picks

In this case, we choose a book each month for you, a friend, or loved one, based on the information you give us about the reader.

Personalised Picks means just that. The staff at Riverbend have varying tastes in books, and together we read across all genres. In the following form you will be asked questions about the recipient's reading preferences, and then will be assigned a staff member best suited to those reading tastes.

AnOther Option: Bookclub Picks

Each month we send you the current book that of one of our bookclubs is going to read. This option may suit readers who are unable to join our bookclubs because of distance, time or for health reasons.


Pick a Bookclub option in the following form if their choices are in alignment with your tastes.